Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 07:21:50 -0700
From: (Kyrsten Sinema)
Subject: [aapjannouncements] Radio, July 4th event
To: (AAPJ announcements)

AAPJ Member on the Radio! Dave Wells of AAPJ will be joined by Chuck Carlson of "We Hold These Truths" (a group critical of Israeli occupation) and Walid Alami of "Friends of Palestine" to discuss the Bush "Peace" Plan on Israel-Palestine conflict on the Jay Lawrence Show at 7 p.m. this SUNDAY evening on KTAR 620 AM.

Please listen and call in! (Jay is an unapologetic unconditional supporter of Israeli policy)

AAPJ Event on July 4th, Tempe Town Lake - We Need You! A group of AAPJ members met Friday night and developed a script for the July 4th street theatre at the Tempe Town Lake fireworks event.

It is simple, funny, clever, brilliant and...well, GREAT! Even if you're not in it - please plan to come, enjoy it and support those who are doing it!

We will meet at 3:30 Sunday at AIPER House. Please let us know if you are willing to take on one of the roles. SOME ARE VERY SIMPLE!!!!

Below is the outline of the script. We figured that we really need 15 people: Uncle Sam, FBI (2+), Benj Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Statue of Liberty, Sojourner Truth, Earl Warren, MLK, James Baldwin, Eleanor Roosevelt, possibly Eisenhower, Paul Revere, or Gandhi, people to pass out leaflets (2+), people to walk by with signs at the right moments with with "Truth", "liberty", Justice" or "Freedom". Plus, we REALLY would like a few undercover supporters in the crowd!

The time commitment: this should take 15 minutes. We'd like to put it on at 6;30, 7:30 and 8:30 pm. So you could come, bring your family/friends, and step over to the "free speech" area at quarter past the hour and just have some extra fun for 15 minutes!

Outline: Uncle Sam starts off talking to the crowd, encouraging them to come on over, stand up for America; these are tough times, blah, blah. Let's hear from some of our past patriots. Introduces Ben Franklin. Benj Franklin steps up to the soap box and gives a one-line quote. Someone walks past in back of him with a sign saying "Liberty". FBI man comes up and stops him after his quote saying things like liberty is great, but its pretty dangerous, have to balance with security, so you're going to have to leave. And watch what you say - because we are watching our Pres sez. Uncle Sam comes back and is a little concerned, Wow! These are tough times - introduces Abe Lincoln - help us out Abe, . Abe: gives his one-liner while a sign holder walk in back of him with "Truth" FBI man steps in again - Hold on! Truth is dangerous thing. Can be used by the enemy, blah, blah. Come on down Abe, etc., etc. with each speaker, FBI man getting gradually, imperceptably more vigorous until they hal off James Baldwin to jail.

People from the audience (maybe some of those who were speakers?) come out one at a time saying: first they came for "truth' but I wanted to stay safe, so I didn't stop them; then they came for Liberty,etc. Uncle Sam: Where have all the patriots gone? Then we sing Where Have All The Patriots Gone.???? Or something like that.

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